Beshara and Ibn 'Arabi
Beshara and Ibn 'Arabi

Beshara and Ibn 'Arabi

A Movement of Sufi Spirituality in the Modern World


490 Pages, 7 x 9 1/4

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Publication Date: November 2007

ISBN 9781905937240


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Investigating Sufi-inspired spirituality in the modern world, this interdisciplinary text combines cultural study with solid data to provide a comprehensive study on how the teachings of Ibn ‘Arabi have been adopted and adapted by Muslims and non-Muslims. This book explores Beshara's emergence and evolution, its approach to spiritual education, the origins of its spiritual teacher, its major teachings and practices, and its projection of Ibn ‘Arabi. Both rigorous and very timely, this study looks to the areas of cultural exchange between East and West and highlights commonalities in the various historical changes both societies have undergone.


"[A] masterful and multifaceted study. This important book opens out to provide a much-needed critique of the sociology of Islam in the age of globalization." —Victoria Rowe Holbrook, former associate professor of Turkish literary and cultural studies, Ohio State University

"The great interest of this exemplary book . . . is its discussion of the way in which Ibn 'Arabi's teachings have been received, rejected, and transformed in the modern world." —Professor Michel Chodkiewicz, author, Seal of the Saints and Ocean Without Shore

"A marvellous book . . . historically and ethnographically well-informed, with equally well-informed use of theory . . . handled with very considerable sensitivity and lucidly written." —Paul Heelas, author, The New Age Movement and The Spiritual Revolution

"The primary reference work on Beshara will be this thoughtful, intelligent and immensely well-researched book. We can learn a great deal from it." —Peter Young, principal, Beshara School of Intensive Esoteric Education

Author Biography

Suha Taji-Farouki is a lecturer in modern Islam at the institute of Arab and Islamic studies at the University of Exeter, and senior associate at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies. She is the author of Islamic Thought in the 20th Century and Modern Muslim Intellectuals and the Qur’an.