The Nightingale in the Garden of Love
The Nightingale in the Garden of Love

The Nightingale in the Garden of Love

The Poems of Üftade


192 Pages, 6 x 8 1/2

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Publication Date: April 2005

ISBN 9781905937332


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A detailed overview of the life and teachings of one of the great Ottoman Sufi masters, Mehmed Muhyiddin Uftade, is accompanied by an English translation of a collection of his religious poetry in this tribute to the Turkish and Persian spiritual traditions. Uftade’s prominent role in the founding of the Jelvetiyye, one of the main dervish orders, his influence on Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, and his instruction of renowned disciple ’Aziz Mahmud Hudayi, are carefully described alongside the faithfully rendered tenets of his spiritual teachings, augmented by firsthand accounts of his views translated from the journal of a disciple. Uftade's poetry employs simple, direct, and wonderfully human language to express the human yearning for the divine and the ups and downs of the spiritual path.

Author Biography

Paul Ballanfat is the head of the department of Turco-Persian studies at the Universite Jean Moulin-Lyon III in France. He is the author of Najm al-din Kubra: La pratique de Soufisme, Najm al-din Kubra: Les Eclosions de la Beaute et les Parfums de la Majeste, and Quatres Traites inedits de Ruzbehan Baqli Shirazi.