The Teachings of a Perfect Master
The Teachings of a Perfect Master

The Teachings of a Perfect Master

An Islamic Saint for the Third Millennium


488 Pages, 6.25 x 9.25

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Publication Date: June 2012

ISBN 9781905937486


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Collected in entirety for the very first time, this study reflects more than 25 years of close contact with the Sufi Masters of Central Anatolia, with most of that time spent in the presence of the peerless Sufi teacher, Mr. Ahmet Kayhan. Out of the author’s association with this personality has emerged this in-depth look at the famous and mysterious Oral Tradition of Sufism. Covered topics include the concepts of compassion and mercy, universality, ethics, faith, charity, destiny, death and the afterlife, and more. Combining the rigor of anthropology with the devotion of a disciple, this book faithfully lays bare the comprehensive teachings of the man who may be the Sufi Saint of the Age.

Author Biography

Henry Bayman is a student of Sufism and an independent scholar. He is the author of The Black Pearl, The Secret of Islam, and The Station of No Station.